Everyone has been absolutely loving our new Queso Blanco dip!
By popular demand, we have now made it available in our online store so you can refill your supply or just try it out!

This queso is made with real cheddar cheese and has a true cheese taste. To step it up a notch and make it seriously satisfying and snackable, garden fresh vegetables are added such as tomatoes, Jalapeños, bell peppers and mushrooms. The addition of fresh vegetables gives the queso an even more complex flavor that you will enjoy!

Our staff even love it! Here’s a few things we like to do:

  • Scoop with chips (enjoy with a movie or sports game)
  • Cut up spinich or green onions and make nachos
  • Heat it up and drizzle it on enchiladas or quesadillas
  • Add sausage, beef, or chicken to make appetizers
  • Spread over tomatoes and avocado to make caprice
  • Stir into brown rice and add salsa, bacon or potatoes

Make a taco night with the queso and our own recommendations!

We have a black bean and corn salsa with Vidalia Onions® to make a cantina style taco or burrito. Our Vidalia Onion® Hot sauce is sweet and spicy to add an extra sweet Georgia heat to your mix. When it comes to cooking, Pecan oil is made for sautéing vegetables!
Visit our online store and get all of our goodies sent to your door.

Vidalia Onion Fiesta Salsa

Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce 5oz

Kinloch Pecan Oil

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