It’s the best time of year to pre-order peaches! Be the first of all your friends to receive the freshest, highest quality peaches money can buy. Each box includes 12 peaches and a small jar of peach preserves made locally.

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We have partnered with one of the best local Georgia farms to provide you with Grade-A Peaches. They are plucked from the tree and immediately comforted by soft cushion packaging before they are mailed direct to your doorstep. Only the juiciest and sweetest Georgia peaches are hand selected and shipped nationwide. They will mostly be carored peaches but may cycle through some other peach varieties as well.

The peaches that we’ll be shipping are not from the new you-pick farm located behind our South store.  Those peaches are reserved for traveling visitors that want theexperience of picking their own peaches.  Instead, we have partnered with a much larger, more mature local farm to provide peaches at a sustainable quality and quantity. We want to only deliver the largest, sweetest peaches at their prime, so shipping will not begin until June 4.

This premium offering is only available for a limited time so treat yourself to a box of Georgia heaven today!  Peaches can be shipped until August 8th.

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*Please note if you live North of New York or West of the Mississippi river there will be a $20 additional shipping fee!


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  1. Hiya, I love your post. I recently published an post on preserving food. I love to make my own food for New Year!. We will be making a nice ice cream to go with it. The children will be on holiday and I am positive they are going to enjoy it.

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