Peaches has been alive in Georgia since the 1500s. Let’s take a look at their origin story.

16th century– Franciscan monks bring peaches to the “Georgia” area.

18th century– Cherokee Indians grow peaches in “Georgia”.

1850s– Horticulturists begin a selective breeding campaign for peaches and other fruits.

1865– Peach production shifts into high gear after the Civil War as farmers look to replace cotton crops.

1870s– Samuel Henry Rumph introduces the Elberta peach to Georgia.

1889-1924– The number of trees growing southern peaches increases by 5x.

1922-1926– Peach blossom festivals begin as a way to tell the story of the Georgia peach.

1928– Georgia growers sell 8 million bushels annually.

1951– Raphael Moses is the first to market peaches in Georgia and sell peaches outside of the South.

1950-1965– Growers lobby for a new peach laboratory in Georgia to help increase the life of peach trees.

1995– The peach becomes the official fruit of Georgia.

Today– Georgia produces 2.8 million bushels of peaches every year.


Long live the Georgia peach!


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